Coherent Population Transfer Process

Codes developed by D.H. Kwon; Verified experimentally by H.M. Park

Choose one of the actions from the following list and
(Please clear all files when you leave this page. !!!)

Name of target element:     (Only Yb is available now.)
File check in the temporary working space
    fort.5 (input data file)
    fort.6 (standard output file)
    fort.7 (calculated population transfer)
    clear all files from the temporary working space
Input data file generation from
    a template
    the scratch,
Calculation of power distribution of laser beams
    Program execution
      The calculation time depends on the element and number of isotopes. For Yb it takes about 30 seconds (CPU time). The calculation results will be displayed in the next webpage as well as written into fort.6. More than ONE submission may cause unpredictable result. Please be patient ...
Aborting the current running job
    Yes, I want to abort the current running job. I cannot wait any longer.

Display format for Population Transfer (fort.7):
graphics format (default)
Range of Time: from [ns] to [ns] (blank for full range)
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