Dielectronic Satellite Spectrum

Data source : NIFS

    Graphics source : AMODS

The data in this page are of AMDIS of NIFS (National Institute for Fusion Science), Japan and are now made to be seen through WWW in graphical forms by AMODS (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Database System) of KAERI, as a result of international collaboration between AMDIS and AMODS.

Arranged by Ionization Stages
-like ion: Z=   obtained from the following datasets : [references]
78vs1: He-like or Li-like (5 < Z < 34)
78vs2: He-like or Li-like (5 < Z < 34)
96mk: Be-like (Z=26)
97mk: Be-like (Z= 8,12,15,18,20) (contains Es data)
97kso: B-like (Z=6)
97sko: Be-like (Z=6)
97kss1: He-like (Z=26), Li-like (Z=16,20,26), Be-like (Z=26), B-like (Z=26), or C-like (Z=26)
97kss2: He-like (Z=26), Li-like (Z=16,20,26), Be-like (Z=26), B-like (Z=26), or C-like (Z=26)
99mks: Be-like (Z=10) (contains Es data)

Data to be displayed:
Qd versus Lambda (default)
Qd * Exp(-Es/kT) / (kT)^(1.5) versus Lambda (only for 97mk and 99mks)
Temperature : eV

Display format:
graphics format (default)
Range of Lambda: from [A] to [A] (blank for full range)
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