ASRG (Atomic Spectroscopy Research Group)
    The ASRG is a subgroup specialized in the study of atomic spectroscopy in KAERI. It is devoted to the development of precision measurement techniques of atomic spectroscopic parameters such as energy levels, autoionization levels, isotope shifts, hyperfine structures, multi-photon ionization schemes, etc. using the resonance ionization spectroscopy methods. It is responsible for this AMO database systems (AMODS).
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AMODS (Atomic Molecular and Optical Database Systems)
    Informations on the atomic and molecular structures, transition lines and probabilities, laser propagation characteristics, collisional ionization cross sections, and fundamental constants are being compiled in this site. AMODS is a mirror site of ASD (Atomic Spectroscopc Database) of NIST since 2002. Whereas AMODS is a representative database of Atomic and Molecular data in KAERI, ATOM is a representative database of Nuclear data in KAERI.

VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre)
    KAERI with AMODS is an official partner of the SUP@VAMDC project from the year of 2012, which is one of the Seventh European Framework Programme. AMODS is a member of VAMDC databases.

International Data Center Network (DCN) Links:
  IAEA A+M Data Unit [Austria]
  NIST PRD Database [USA]
  ORNL Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center [USA]
  NIFS Atomic Database [Japan]
  JAERI [Japan]
  GAPHYOR database [France]
  Weizmann Plasma Gate Database [Israel]
  Max-Planck-Institute PMI Data Unit [Germany]
  Troitsk Institute A+M Data Unit [Russia]
  Efremov Science Research Institute PMI Data Center [Russia]
  RIPTRM Data Center for Highly Charged Ions [Russia]
  ENEA A+M Data Branch [Italy]
  KAERI AMO Database Systems [Korea]

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