ALADDIN Database Online Excution (comments)

data source : AMDIS of IAEA explanation : ALADDIN

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Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion, Part I,II, and III [ref]
    Recommended Data on Cross Sections and Rates for Electron Ionization of Light Atoms and Ions
    More on Fe and H (ionisall.dat)
Recommended Data on Excitation of Carbon and Oxygen Ions by Electron Collisions [ref]
Recommended Data on Atomic Collision Processes Involving Iron and Its Ions [ref]
Collisions of Carbon and Oxygen Ions with Electrons, H, H2 and He [ref]
Excitation Rate Coefficients of Helium Atoms and Helium-like Ions by Electron Impact [ref]
Elementary Processes in Hydrogen-Helium Plasmas [ref]
Collisions of H, H2, He and Li Atoms and Ions with Atoms and Molecules [ref]
    More on C, O, H etc (heavyall.dat)
Recommended Cross Sections for Collision Processes [ref]
    of Hydrogen Ground-State and Excited Atoms with Electrons, Protons and Multiply Charged Atoms
Recommended Data on Particle Reflection from Surfaces [ref]
Sputtering Data [ref]
An Evaluated Database for Sputtering [ref]
Particle Induced Erosion of Be, C and W in Fusion Plasmas. [ref]
    Part A: Chemical Erosion of Carbon-Based Materials
Cross Sections for Collision Processes of Li Atoms [ref]
    Interacting with Electrons, Protons, Multiply-Charged Ions and Hydrogen Molecules
Electronic Excitation of Al, C, Ca, and Li (vniifri.dat)

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atomic and molecular data
particle-surface interaction
material properties data
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ALADDIN evaluation function

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